The Pixelflush Blog

A short introduction to what this is all about

Posted by Matthias Schmidt on January 11, 2015

Hello. Everyone should write a blog, right? We’ll see. I’ve tried before on but the old Wordpress installation caused more headache than anything. So most of the time when I felt like blogging I got turned off by some Wordpress problem or chore - like needing to update the system.

Also while my old blog started out as a personal one, it inevitably turned into something technical. So let’s define this one better.

This new blog will mainly be about technical know-how I’ll (hopefully) gain throughout my work under the pixelflush flag.

For those who don’t know yet, pixelflush is building and running scalable APIs for mobile apps. So basically making sure apps get all the data they need and deserve from well performing server infrastructure and reliable, well-tested code.

A lot of future content may come in form of notes to myself. Frequently I find myself doing something I’ve done before but forgot how I ended up doing it. So whenever I solve a problem I feel like coming across again I’ll publish my solution here. And maybe this will help someone like-minded later on.

So let’s get started!