Custom business software

Planning, development and maintenance of software tailored towards your individual needs. We can create software together that is not just functional but will also be a pleasure to work with.

Web & App Development

10+ years experience in creating customer facing software for the web and almost as long for mobile platforms. We can create online experiences that will be highly appreciated by your clients.

Scalable Cloud Hosting

Let's take the magic out of the cloud and evaluate the real benefits of cloud hosting for your company. We'll make an informed decision together on how the cloud can help you scale your business.


Some examples of work we have done for forward thinking clients in the past. Please understand that we cannot show you everything here due to contractual restrictions, but feel free to ask us about more in person. We'll be happy to give you a personal presentation.


While we are not bound to a specific set of technology we have our strong preferences and will probably try to convince you of them. Don't worry though, you may have good arguments for some other technology and we want to hear them. Every project has different requirements and we'll adjust accordingly.

Ruby on Rails

The heart of most of our projects. Rails has served us well over the years and has been a strong and steady companion. We have seen and used a lot of other frameworks over the years but most of them went away as quickly as they came along.


Our database of choice. Combining performance and a rich feature set. We are running databases with millions of records for our clients.


We are obsessed with performance. Trying to shave off every millisecond wherever we can. We believe great performance is a key ingredient for a truly enjoyable experience.


No project leaves our development machines before we have considered a comprehensive security strategy. We'll adjust our hosting location and systems depending on your unique business needs.


We are considering ourselves extremely lucky to have worked with some truly innovative clients. No matter how small or large, local or global a company is. What we look for in our clients is a strong thrive for innovation and thirst for modern technology.

Our team

There is no place for half-baked solutions if you are working towards outstanding results. That's why we've assembled some great talent in their respective fields. We are working relentlessly to find the best solution, instead of sitting back after the first "good enough" approach.

Ready to talk? We are looking forward to hear about your project.