Custom CRM

Based on our advanced system - tailored towards your business

The last CRM you'll need

We are offering a highly customizable CRM (Customer Relationshop Management) solution for businesses of all sizes. You'll start off with basic features and then add more functionality in as you go along.

Increased customer visibility through automatic maps

The system will automatically find geographic information about your customers and add them as markers to a map. In combination with the mobile app you can easily and visually plan your route. Just say hi to potential customers along the way and leave no money on the table.

Always in sync

Our mobile app automatically synchronizes all customer data to devices of other employees. You can view and edit all data without an internet connection though. As soon as the connection is back up, all the changes will merge back in. Smart conflict resolution included.

Built for the cloud-age

From the get go everything is stored in the cloud. This way you won't have to worry about server configurations, updates and backups. Everything is handled for you. However, you still get to choose the location of your data. Usually we pick a datacenter near your business location.

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  • ✓ Mobile App
  • ✓ Web Application
  • ✓ Real-time, two-way sync
  • ✓ Map-based route planning
  • ✓ Automatic backups
  • ✓ Works offline
  • ✓ Adjusts to your business
  • ✓ Connects to your existing systems